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Florian Pumhösl
Exhibitions at Galerie Buchholz

September 2022

Fasanenstraße 30, Berlin

I hear the ancient music of words and words, yes, that’s it.

Fasanenstraße 31, Berlin

June 2018

Fasanenstraße 30, Berlin

May 2018

Drawings for Bookbindings
compiled by Florian Pumhösl

17 East 82nd Street, New York

November 2014

Elisenstraße 4-6, Köln

September 2013

Neven-DuMont-Straße 17 & Elisenstraße 4-6, Köln

June 2013

“Expressive Rhythm”

Art Basel, Art Unlimited

September 2011

April 2010


Fasanenstraße 30, Berlin

August 2008

Buchentwürfe, Übersetzungen, Illustrierte Bücher
Schaufenster zusammengestellt von Florian Pumhösl

Antiquariat Buchholz, Neven-DuMont-Straße 17, Köln

November 2007

Elisenstraße 4-6, Köln

April 2005

Neven-DuMont-Straße 17, Köln

September 2004

November 2003

Filmscreening presented by

Neven-DuMont-Straße 17, Köln


Vincent Fecteau

Florian Pumhösl

I hear the ancient music of works and works, yes, that’s it.


2022, 69 pages, hardcover, dust jacket, fully illustrated in color,

25,5 x 22 cm


Euro 35,-

This catalogue is published on the occasion of the exhibitions at the Schindler House/MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles and at our gallery in Berlin. It is designed by Florian Pumhösl and contains images of the installation at Schindler House and documentation of the exhibited works along with an introductory text by MAK curator Bärbel Vischer and a conversation between Vincent Fecteau and Florian Pumhösl.

Florian Pumhösl

2008, 140 pages, fully illustrated in color, Swiss Brochure,
27,5 x 21 cm
Edition 1400


Euro 22,-

This catalogue, published in collaboration with Lisson Gallery, documents Florian Pumhösl’s recent works and exhibitions. Starting from the installation and series of glass paintings entitled “Modernology”, it reflects the artists ongoing involvement with motifs, issues and materials of early non-western avantgardes. While Sabeth Buchmann and Jan Verwoert are discussing Florian Pumhösl’s works and strategies from two different perspectives, Thomas Hackner’s contribution provides an insight into the work of Japanese book artist Onchi Koshiro, whose abstract formal language has become both source and subject of Pumhösl’s mode of depiction.
Special edition: Catalogue in slipcase with sign. and num. photograph. Ex. 100