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Jack Smith
Exhibitions at Galerie Buchholz

March 2024

Christophstraße 18, Köln

by appointment only

August 2023

Critical Melancholia

and a footnote on the idea of natural history in Jack Smith

an exhibition organized with

Juliane Rebentisch

17 East 82nd Street, New York

September 2022

August 2014

April 2010

presented by Michael Krebber & Sebastian Höckelmann

Antiquariat Buchholz, Neven-DuMont-Straße 17, Köln

February 2000

“Films and Publications”

Neven-DuMont-Straße 17, Köln

“Unisex Love Nest”

Neven-DuMont-Straße 17, Köln


Juliane Rebentisch

Camp Materialism


2020, 64 pages, Owrps, with reproductions in color, 18 x 12 cm


Euro 12,-

This publication contains the German philosopher Juliane Rebentisch’s seminal text “Camp Materialism. Natural History in Jack Smith” revised by the author and presented together with a new addendum “A note on Camp Ridiculousness”. The texts appear in both German and English.

Jack Smith
Antonius Höckelmann

gezeigt von
Michael Krebber
& Sebastian Höckelmann


2012, 48 pages, fully illustrated in colour, Owrps, silkscreened cover, 21,3 x 22,5 cm


Euro 18,-

This publication documents an exhibition that took place in 2010 in the window of our antiquarian bookstore. Michael Krebber presented here in collaboration with Sebastian Höckelmann works by Antonius Höckelmann and Jack Smith. The book contains a new text by Michael Krebber in German and English.

Michael Krebber

“Cologne Art Fair, 1977”


2010, fold out poster, with various colour and b/w illustrations, 119,2 x 84 cm (folded: 19,7 x 21 cm)


out of print

This poster publication edited by Michael Krebber shows documentation material, images and correspondence around a performance project entitled “Irrational Landlordism of Bagdad” by Jack Smith that took place at the Cologne Art Fair in 1977.