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Lucy McKenzie



Born in Glasgow


Lives and works in Brussels




Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee
First Class BA Hons Fine Art


Erasmus Exchange, Kunst Akademie Karlsruhe


Van Der Kelen-Logelain, Brussels


Solo Exhibitions


“Lucy McKenzie and Antonio Canova: Vulcanizzato”, Pinacoteca Agnelli, Turin


“Approval of the Committees”, Cabinet, London
“Buildings in Belgium, Buildings in Oil, Buildings in Silk”, La Verrière, Brussels
Lucy McKenzie & Atelier E.B, Meyer Kainer, Vienna
“Pleasure’s Inaccuracies“, Art on the Underground, London


Tate Liverpool, Liverpool
“No Motive”, Galerie Buchholz, New York
“Tour Donas”, Temple Bar, Dublin
“Buildings in Belgium, Buildings in Oil, Buildings in Silk”, Fondation D’Entreprise Hermès, Brussels


“Prime Suspect”, Museum Brandhorst, Munich
“Passer-by” (with Beca Lipscombe under the name Atelier E.B.), Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow
“Pleasure’s Inaccuracies”, commissioned by Art on the Underground, Sudbury Town tube station, London


“Giving Up The Shadows On My Face”, Cabinet Gallery, London
“Passer-By” (with Beca Lipscombe under the name Atelier E.B.), Lafayette Anticipations, Fondation d’entreprise Galeries Lafayette, Paris


“Passer-By” (with Beca Lipscombe under the name Atelier E.B.), Serpentine Galleries, London


“La Kermesse Héroïque”, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice


“IOTII” (with Beca Lipscombe under the name Atelier E.B.), Galerie Meyer Kainer, Vienna
“Inspired by Inspired by”, Galerie Buchholz, New York
“Cukrovarnická 39, Prag” (with Laurent Dupont), Galerie Meyer Kainer, Vienna
“OIEEVAAR”, UMPRUM, Prague (catalogue)


“Inspired by an Atlas of Leprosy”, Galerie Buchholz, Berlin
“The Inventors of Tradition II” (with Beca Lipscombe under the name Atelier E.B.), Galerie Micheline Szwajcer, Brussels
“Intim im Team” (with Josefine Reisch), White Cubicle Toilet Gallery, London
“The Inventors of Tradition II” (with Beca Lipscombe under the name Atelier E.B.), The Palace of Art, Glasgow
“Weekends”, SVIT, Prague
“O Yes” (with Beca Lipscombe under the name Atelier E.B.), The Art School, Glasgow
“Paintings” (with Laurent DuPont), SVIT, Praha


The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago


“Note so Self” (with Alan Michael), The Artist’s Institute, New York
“Unlawful Assembly” (with Alan Michael), Volcano Extravaganza, Stromboli
“Something They Have To Live With”, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam


“50 Shades”, Galerie Micheline Szwajcer, Antwerpen
“Atelier (Edinburgh-Bruxelles). Work in Progress, Paris” (with Beca Lipscombe under the name Atelier E.B.), organized in collaboration with Westreich Wagner Publications, New York / Paris


“The Inventors of Tradition Collection 2011”, Establissement d’en face projects”, Brussels
“The Inventors of Tradition Collection 2011” (with Beca Lipscombe under the name Atelier E.B.),
NY Showroom Events at Thea Westreich Art Advisory Services, New York
“The Inventors of Tradition Collection 2011” (with Beca Lipscombe under the name Atelier E.B.),
Cabinet Gallery, London
“The Inventors of Tradition Collection 2011” (with Beca Lipscombe under the name Atelier E.B.),
Mehringdamm 72, Berlin
Contemporary Art Club (with Ian Hamilton Finlay), Theseustempel, Vienna


“Lucy McKenzie. Die Editionen”, Museum Ludwig, Cologne (catalogue)
“Slender Means”, Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Cologne
“Something Different”, Cabinet Gallery, London
Theseus Temple (with Ian Hamilton Finlay), Vienna (catalogue)


“Ludwigshaus”, Museum Ludwig, Cologne (catalogue)


Etablissement d’en Face Projects, Brussels
“Projects 88: Lucy McKenzie”, The Museum of Modern Art, New York


“Noël sur le balcon / HOLD THE COLOR” (with Paulina Olowska), Sammlung Goetz, Munich (catalogue)
“Ten Years of Robotic Mayhem (Including Sublet)”, Arnolfini, Bristol
Stuk Kunstencentrum vzw (with Lucile Desamory), Leuven
“Ten Years of Robotic Mayhem (Including Sublet)”, Norwich Gallery, Norwich
“Ten Years of Robotic Mayhem (Including Sublet)”, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh
“Ten Years of Robotic Mayhem (Including Sublet)”, SF MoMA, San Francisco


“Jigsaw (Jeu de Société)” (with Lucile Desamory and Birgit Megerle), Cabinet Gallery, London
“Jigsaw (Jeu de Société)” (with Lucile Desamory and Birgit Megerle), Galerie Meerrettich, Berlin


“Smersh”, Metro Pictures, New York


“Kulaks”, Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Cologne
The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston
“Bi-Curious”, Cabinet Gallery, London
“Deathwatch”, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven


“MMIV”, Tate Britain, London
Bar Nova Popularna (with Paulina Olowska), Foksal Gallery Foundation, Warsaw
“Brian Eno”, Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Aachen


“If It Moves, Kiss It”, Galerie Christian Nagel, Berlin


“Global Joy”, Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Cologne (catalogue)
Festiwal Malarstwa Sciennego (with Paulina Olowska), Kliniczna, Gdansk
“Heavy Duty” (with Paulina Olowska), Inverleith House, Edinburgh
Mandelson in Rio (with Keith Farquhar), Charisma
“Love By Women Loved By Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec” (with Paulina Olowska), Inverleith House, Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh


“Request Concert” (with Akademie Isotrop), Nomaden Oase, Hamburg
“Decemberism”, Cabinet Gallery, London


Group Exhibitions


“EASTinternational: Unpacking the Archive”, East Gallery at Norwich University of the Arts
“NAK Annual Editions 1992-2024”, Neuer Aachener Kunstverein
“Time Travel. Italian Masters Through the a Contemporary Lens”, Petzel, New York
“Recent Painting Acquistions”, Mutina, Fiorano Modenese
“Double Plus Good”, Nest, The Hague
“Paraventi: Folding Screens from the 17th to 21st Centuries”, Fondazione Prada, Milan
“Craft” (as Atelier E.B. with Marc Camille Chaimowicz), Francesca Pia, Zurich
“I MET. Recent Painting Acquisitions”, Mutina for Art collection, Fiorano Modenese
“Alea Lacta Est”, Vistamare, Milano
“Pride and Prejudice. Art & Craft - A Love Story”, Universitätsgalerie im Heiligenkreuzer Hof, Vienna
„Nicoletta Fiorucci Foundation & Collection: Recent Acquisitions and Eternal Loves - Part 1”, Nicoletta Fiorucci Foundation, Monaco


“Broken Music Vol. 2 - 70 Jahre Schallplatten und Soundarbeiten von Künstler*innen, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin
“Art of the Terraces”, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
“Je Veux. Vienna 1975-2022”, Galerie Meyer Kainer, Vienna
“Dark Light, Realism in the Age of Post truth”, Aïshti Foundation, Beirut
Geneva Biennale: Sculpture Garden, Parc des Eaux-Vives, Parc La Grange, Geneva
“Facility and Condition: Infrastructure as Form and Action”, Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, Vienna


“Collection 1970-Present”, Museum of Modern Art, New York
“Hi Woman!”, Museo di Palazzo Pretorio, Prato
“Painting Stone”, Villa Lontana, Rome


“Inner Spaces”, 7th Biennial of Painting, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurle


“Slow Painting”, Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds
“Der Hausfreund”, Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien, Universitätsgalerie, Vienna
“Der Hausfreund”, Österreichisches Kulturforum, Berlin
“Family Ties. The Schröder Donation”, Museum Ludwig, Cologne


“Readymades belong to Everyone”, Swiss Institute, New York
“General Rehearsal. A Show in Three Acts from the Collections of V-A-C, MMOMA and Kadist”, Moscow Museum of Modern Art / V-A-C Foundation, Moscow
“Public Fiction: The Conscientious Objector”, MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles


“Jump Into The Future - Art From the 90’s and 2000’s “, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
“Le musée absent”, Wiels, Brussels
“Finesse”, The Wallach Art Gallery, New York
“Breakfast All Day”, Munchees, Reading


“Of Other Spaces: Where Does Gesture Become Event?”, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Dundee
“…hounded by external events…”, Maureen Paley, London
“Faisons de l’inconnu un allié”, Weber Métaux, Paris
“Question the Wall Itself”, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis
“L’Almanach 16”, Le Consortium, Dijon
“The Painting Show. Recent Painting from the United Kingdom”, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius


“Collecting Lines. Drawings from the Ringier Collection (Chapter II)”, Villa Flora, Winterthur
“Selective Memory: Artists in the archive”, Lewis Glucksman Gallery, University College Cork, Cork
“Collecting Lines. Drawings from the Ringier Collection (Chapter I)”, Villa Flora, Winterthur
“Oeuvre sans valeur à vendre cher”, curated by Rob Tufnell, Stems Gallery, Brussels
“Drawing Now”, Albertina, Vienna
“Drawing Now”, Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art, Ghent


Liverpool Bienniale, Liverpool
“Petals on the Wind“, Galerie Micheline Szwajcer, Brussels
“Generation: 25 Years of Contemporary Art in Scotland, National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh
“A Machinery for Living” (with Atelier E.B.), Petzel Gallery, New York
“Histories. Works from the Serralves Collection”, Museu Serrralves, Porto


“A Bigger Splash”, Tate, London
“Decorum. Tapis et Tapisseries d’Artistes”, Musée D’Art Moderne, Paris
“So Much I Want To Say: Von Annemiek bis Mutter Courage - Sammlung Goetz im Haus der Kunst”, Haus der Kunst, Munich


“A Bigger Splash”, Tate Modern, London
“Studio 58: Women Artist in Glasgow since WWII”, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow
“Rendezvous der Maler II - Malerei an der Kunstakademie Düsseldorf von 1986 bis heute”, Akademie Galerie, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Dusseldorf
“Te Kust en te Keur”, Mu.Zee, Oostende
“White Oxford Cotton”, Cabinet Gallery, London


“Lucy McKenzie & Ian Hamilton Finlay”, Contemporary Art Club, Vienna
“Quodlibet III - Alphabets and Instruments”, Galerie Buchholz, Berlin
“Town-Gown Conflict”, Kunsthalle Zürich, Zurich


“Schere-Stein-Papier”, Kunsthaus Graz, Graz
“Quodlibet II”, Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Cologne
“Après Crépuscule - Na Schemering - After Twilight - Nach Dämmerung”, Kölnischer Kunstverein, Cologne
“Privat”, Von der Heydt-Museum, Wuppertal
“The Associates”, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee


“Pop! Goes the weasel”, Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe
“Marc Camille Chaimowicz …In The Cherished Company of Others… “, De Appel, Amsterdam


“Atelier” (with Beca Lipscombe and Bernie Reid under the name Atelier E.B.), Christophstr. 18, Cologne
“Concrete Works”, Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York
“Ulakan Akulot”, Josef Dalle Nogare


“…In Autumn”, Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna
“Next to kin”, Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Cologne
“Galerie Daniel Buchholz at Metro Pictures”, Metro Pictures, New York
“Make your own life”, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia /
Museum of Contempoprary Art, Miami
“Tate Triennial - New British Art”, Tate Britain, London
“Slow burn”, Galerie Edward Mitterrand, Geneve
“Painting in Tongues”, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles


“Lucy McKenzie, Birgit Megerle, Lucile Desamory”, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh


“The Undiscovered Country”, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
“Teil 2 Quodlibet”, Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Cologne
“Sans Soleil”, Galerie NEU, Berlin


“Unbekannte Schwester, unbekannter Bruder I”, Kunsthaus Dresden, Dresden
“Flourish Nights”, Flourish Studios, Glasgow
“Kontext, Form, Troja”, Secession, Vienna
25th International Biennal of Graphic Arts, International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana
“dioé”, Festival für zeitgenössische Kunst und Musik, Hamburg
“I and My Chimney” (Lucy McKenzie, Lukas Duwenhögger, Lari Pittman), Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Cologne
“Effondrement de l’E-commerce”, Inutile Dulci, Paris
50th Venice Biennale, Venice


“The Best Book About Pessimism I Ever Read”, curated by Lucy McKenzie, Kunstverein
“Painting on the Move - Nach der Wirklichkeit”, Kunsthalle Basel, Basel
“Hotel Sub Rosa”, curated by Cabinet Gallery, London


“Viva November”, Kunstverein Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg
“Here and Now: Scottish Art 1990-2001”, Aberdeen Art Gallery, Dundee
“Freie Wahlen”, Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, Baden-Baden
“Neupop”, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh
“Deutsch Britische Freundschaft”, Maschenmode, Berlin
“Hotel Sub Rosa”, Cabinet Gallery, London
“Circles”, Zentrum für Kunst- und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe
“Painting on the Edge of the World”, Walker Art Centre, Minneapolis


“Popular Art of the 21st Century”, WASPS Gallery, Edinburgh
“Focus on the Pain”, Venetia Kapernikas Fine Art, New York
“Dream of a Provincial Girl”, M3, Gdansk
“Die Gefahr Im Jazz”, Deutsche Britische Freundschaft, Berlin
“Seven Scottish Artists”, Grant Selwyn Fine Art, Los Angeles
“Beck’s: Futures”, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London
“Beck’s: Futures”, Cornerhouse, Manchester
“Beck’s: Futures”, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow
“Radio Tuesday”, transmission Gallery, Glasgow
“The British Art Show”, Edinburgh / Southampton / Cardiff / Birmingham
Glasgow Art Fair (with the Modern Institute), Glasgow
“Telescopic Memories”, curated by Sarah Staton and Josephine Pryde, Orbit House, London
“Charisma Presents: It May Be a Year of Thirteen Moons, But it’s Still the Year of Culture”,
Transmission Gallery, Glasgow
“Malerei 6”, Monika Sprüth Gallery, Cologne
“Panache” (with Keith Farquhar and Alan Michael), Els Hanappe Underground, Athens


“Hot in the City”, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh
“Shake the Disease”, Lower Foyer Gallery, Duncan of Jordanstone, Dundee
“Radio Tuesday”, Radio broadcast Glasgow / on-line through All Horizons Club
“EAST International”, Norwich Gallery, Norwich
“Heart & Soul”, 60 Long Lane, London
“Accelerated Learning”, Lower Foyer Gallery, Duncan of Jordanstone, Dundee
Museum Magogo, Glasgow Project Room, Glasgow
“spent”, Lord Palmerston Pub, London
“Palace”, Glassbox, Paris / The The Modern Institute, Glasgow
“Village Disco”, Cabinet Gallery, London
“Misty in Roots”, curated by Alan Michael and Alex Frost, Fly Gallery, Glasgow
“Austrotel”, Contemporary Art Fair, Vienna / Transmission Gallery, Glasgow


“Check Out - Unit 13”, Produce Direct Supermarket, Dundee
“In Order of Appearance”, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow
Tronway Art Centre
Transmission Gallery, Glasgow


“Static Rapture”, Lower Foyer Gallery, Duncan of Jordanstone, Dundee