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Loretta Fahrenholz



Born in Starnberg


Lives and works in Berlin




Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig (Diploma/Postgraduate Studies)


Academy of Fine Arts Vienna


Whitney Independent Study Program, New York


Solo Exhibitions


“Trash The Musical”, Fluentum, Berlin


“Gap Years”, Kölnischer Kunstverein, Köln


“A Decade that Exploded”, n.b.k. - Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin
“Circle Navel Nil”, Lumiar Cité, Lisbon


“Rubber Breasts Willing to Bring Teacups and Roll Away Fire and Bombs”, Company Gallery, New York

“Loretta Fahrenholz: I wanted to tell you…”, Ashley, Berlin 


VOX, Centre de l’image contemporaine, Montreal
“Small Habit Revolution”, mumok, Vienna


“Arbeiterkammer”, Arbeiterkammer, Vienna
“Two A.M.”, Galerie Buchholz, Berlin


“Two A.M.”, Fridericianum, Kassel / Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam


“3 Frauen”, Kunsthalle Zürich
“The Dross of It All & The Loss of It All”, Galerie Buchholz, Cologne
“kbo-Isar-Amper-Klinikum”, Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis


“Implosion”, Galerie Francesca Pia, Zurich
“Ditch Plains”, The Gardens, Vilnius


“My Throat, My Air”, Ludlow 38, New York
“Ditch Plains”, Reena Spaulings Fine Art, New York / Project Native Informant, London
Halle für Kunst, Lüneburg


“Implosion”, Reena Spaulings Fine Art, New York
“Europa”, Sotoso, Brussels


Group Exhibitions



“Touch. Politiken der Berührung”, Amtsalon, Berlin



“Militant Joy”, Theta Gallery, New York
“Anti-Monuments”, Artmonte-Carlo / Julia Stoschek Collection, Monte-Carlo



“Distant Bodies Moving Eyes”, Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt
“Time Without End”, Fluentum, Berlin
“Reading Window”, RL 16, Berlin
“Documenta: Politik und Kunst”, Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin
“Film as Muse”, Kunstverein Salzburg
“Facing New Challenges “Cities - urban communities”, Heidelberger Kunstverein


“A Restless Rendition”, DREI, Cologne
“1,2,3,4 - Dance in contemporary artist’s films”, The Glucksman, University College, Cork
“Shelter in Place”, Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin
“MY C ART OGRAPHY - The Erling Kagge Collection”, Fundación Banco Santander, Santander Art Gallery, Madrid
“Who are we are who”, curated by Fabian Schöneich, Braunsfelder Family Collection, Cologne


“9KG de Oxigénio”, Galeria Municipal do Porto
“Tell me about yesterday tomorrow”, NS-Dokumentationszentrum, Munich
“Letzte Lockerung”, Kunsthalle Bern
“Tri Volta”, 521 W26th St 2nd Floor, New York
“Exercises in Style”, A plus A Gallery, Venice


“Dancing is what we make of falling”, OGR, Torino
“Warm Bodies”, Cement Fondu, Paddington
“The Seam”, the Fault, the Flaw, Greenspon Gallery, New York
“True Luxury”, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam


“Still Human”, Rubell Family Collection Contemporary Arts Foundation, Miami
“Schreibtischuh”r, Galerie Meyer Kainer, Vienna
“WCW nine”, Hotel Ipanema Inn, Rio de Janeiro
“Contemporary Experimental Film & Video Art from Germany”, Goethe-Institute, Toronto
“Perverts”, Cell Project Space, London


“Die Welt am Draht”, Julia Stoschek Collection, Berlin
“ASSOCIAÇÃO LIVRE #1”, Uma Certa Falta de Coerencia, Oporto
“Putting Rehearsals to the Test”, VOX, Centre de l’image contemporaine, Montreal
“The Highs of Everyday Life”, Reena Spaulings Fine Art, New York
“Imitation of Life: Melodrama and Race in the 21st Century”, HOME, Manchester
“AUTOBIOGRAPHY”, Index, Stockholm
“Perfect Lives”, Kunstverein Göttingen


“No Man’s Land: Woman Artists from the Rubell Family Collection”, Rubell Family Collection, Miami
“This Is the End”, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
“Re: Re:”, Montague, London
“LEAN IN”, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart
“Welcome to the Jungle”, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin
“Greater New York”, MoMA PS1, New York
“America is hard to see”, Whitney Museum, New York


Modern Art Oxford, Oxford
10th Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai
“a/wake in the water: Meditations on Disaster”, Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts, New York
“Disparité et Demande”, La Galerie, centre d’art contemporain de Noisy-le-Sec
“Europe, Europe”, Astrup Fearnley Museum, Oslo
“Krankheit als Metapher”, Kunsthaus Hamburg
“Private Settings. Art after the Internet”, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw
“Kunstpreis der Böttcherstrasse in Bremen”, Bremen
“Real Emotions: Thinking in Film”, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin
“De Potten Van Etablissement”, Etablissement d‘en face, Brussels
“Festival of the Eleventh Summer”, Kunsthalle Basel
“Abandon the Parents”, National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen
“Video Container: Museum As Method”, MOCA at Goldman Warehouse, Miami
“I multiplied myself to feel myself.”, Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna


“The Sixth Year”, Ludlow 38, New York
“Celluloid Brushes”, Ludlow 38, New York
“The Issues of Our Time”, Castillo/Corrales, Paris
“Pride Goes Before a Fall”, Artists Space, New York
“Version Control”, Arnolfini, Bristol
“Utopien Vermeiden”, Werkleitz Anniversary, Halle


“films & windows I-IV”, Mathew, Berlin
“To the Moon via the Beach”, LUMA Foundation, Arles
“Celluloid Brushes,” Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie, Berlin


“Looking Back / The 6th White Columns Annual”, White Columns, New York
“Marion Ermer Preis”, Oktogon, Dresden
“Dealing with - Some books, visuals, and works related to American Fine Arts, Co.”, Halle für Kunst, Lüneburg
“Celluloid Brushes”, Etablissement d‘en face, Brussels
“Studio Program Exhibition”, Whitney Museum, New York


“Kökken Wien”, Rua Actor Taborda no 37, Lisbon
“The Most Incredible Thing”, Demoraum K, Vienna


“Test/Sent from my iPod,” M. Glenn Project Space, New York
“From a Distance”, WCW Gallery, Hamburg, Berlin, London
“Digital Black and White Photography”, WCW Gallery, Hamburg




“Ditch Plains”, Le Printemps de Septembre, Toulouse
“Earthquake”, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor (online)


“Sketch Artist”, Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Oberhausen (MuVi-Award)
“Earthquake”, International Women’s Film Festival, Dortmund/Cologne
“Sketch Artist”, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor (Feature Competition)
“My Throat, My Air”, Isolation TV, Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg (online screening program)
“My Throat, My Air”, Factory for Films for Friends, Berlin
“Two A.M.”, Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis
“Two A.M.”, Studio 52, Allston
“No Home Record”, Reena Spaulings Fine Art, New York (video party with Kim Gordon)
“Ditch Plains”, Shelter in Place, Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin
“Haust”, Screeners VI, Helena Anrather, New York
“Implosion”, Ashley, Berlin (online)
“My Throat, My Air”, COMET: 2 PLAY, Berlin


“Two A.M.”, mumok, Vienna
“Two A.M.”, ICA London
“Two A.M.”, Anthology Film Archives, New York
“Ditch Plains”, MAXXI, Rome
“Two A.M.”, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor (Feature Competition)
“My Throat, My Air”; “Implosion”, Cave Gallery, Detroit
“Grand Openings Return of the Blogs”, MUDAM, Luxembourg


“Ditch Plains”, PAF: Festival of Film Animation and Contemporary Art, Olomouc
“Implosion”, stations, Ku’damm Karree, Berlin


“Two A.M.” (short), Projections #3, Kunsthalle Darmstadt
“The Sixth Year”, Hollis & Money, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart
“The Sixth Year”, Hollis & Money, ICA London


“Ditch Plains”, Image Festival, Toronto
“Ditch Plains”, Ecologies and Other Earthly Movements, Anthology Film Archives


“My Throat, My Air”, Rotterdam International Filmfestival, DINAMO P&I Screenings, Rotterdam
“Ditch Plains”; “Implosion”, Speculative Fiction Series II, D21 Kunstraum Leipzig
“My Throat, My Air”, Double Feature, Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt
“My Throat, My Air”; “Ditch Plains”, Joan Jonas is on our mind., The Wattis Institute, San Francisco
“Ditch Plains”, Film & Music Experience, le Sucre, Lyon
“Ditch Plains”, On Screen/Sound: No. 2, EMPAC, New York
“Haust”, Cinema Précaire, Artists Unlimited, Bielefeld
“My Throat, My Air”, Short Film Bouquet Ver.0.3., ARTos Foundation, Nicosia
“Grand Openings Return of the Blogs”; “Ditch Plains”, Artists’ Film Club: Avant-Noir, Volume 2, ICA London
“My Throat, My Air”; “Ditch Plains”, Modes of Play, mumok, Vienna
“Implosion”, NYC Porn Festival, New York
“Qué Bárbara”; “Grand Openings Return of the Blogs”, Kunsthalle Zürich
“Haust”, Kunsthalle Zürich


“My Throat, My Air”, Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Oberhausen (German Competition)
“My Throat, My Air”, Kurzfilmfestival Hamburg, Hamburg
“Ditch Plains”, Artists’ Film Club, ICA London
“Ditch Plains”, See it this, Forde, Geneva
“Implosion”, Lines and Meridians, Cubitt, London
“My Throat, My Air”, Artists’ Film Biennial 2014: Selected by Ken Okiishi, ICA London
“Ditch Plains”, Video Container: Museum as a Method, MOCA, Miami
“Ditch Plains”, Looking Back: The 8th White Columns Annual, Anthology Film Archives, New York
“Ditch Plains”, VerniXage, Milano Film Festival
“Ditch Plains”, carosposo, Paris
“Ditch Plains”, BYTAPE, Amsterdam
“My Throat, My Air”, Flatness and Volume, Moderna Museet, Malmö
“Grand Openings Return of the Blogs”, Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai


“The Sixth Year”, Anthology Film Archives, New York
“Implosion”, Arnolfini, Bristol


“Grand Openings Return of the Blogs”, How Are We Performing Today, MoMA, New York
“Haust”, Sprengel Museum, Hannover
“Haust”, Formulations of the Experimental in Film II, mumok, Vienna
“Qué Bárbara”, L’Ocean Licker, Vienna
“Careless Talk Lives Costly, Subjective Projections”, Bielefelder Kunstverein, Bielefeld
“Grand Openings Return of the Blogs”, Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig


“Qué Bárbara”; “Grand Openings Return of the Blogs”, MoMA, New York
“Haust”, Bodega, Philadelphia
“Haust”, Goethe-Institute, New York
“Haust”, Halle für Kunst, Lüneburg


“Evas Arche und der Feminist No.28”, Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New York
“Haust”, Projection, Cave Gallery, Detroit
“Haust”, Luru-Kino, Leipzig
“SALOON”, Duane Reade 52E 14th St., New York (performance)
“We say Yes”, V8, Berlin (performance)


“Happy Ending”, Light Industry, New York
“Dying to Death”, WIELS Project Room, Brussels
“How to Calm Down”, Cleopatras, New York
“How to Calm Down”, Corner College, Zurich
“How to Calm Down”, Top-Kino, Vienna
“Wie man ruhig wird”, Halle für Kunst, Lüneburg




Grand Hans-Purrmann-Award of the City of Speyer


Villa Romana Prize


Kunstfonds Foundation (one-year scholarship)


Marion Ermer Award


Friedrich Ebert Foundation (full postgraduate study scholarship)


Foundation for Culture of State of Saxony (scholarship)


State of Saxony (full postgraduate study scholarship)


Pfann-Ohmann Award